Blog Update – A Year in Retrospective

It’s almost unbelievable. A year ago today, October 10th 2016, My Movie Collection was born. And 365 days, over 60 posts and lots and lots of films later, here we are. Let’s take a look back, to see where we come from, in order to celebrate.

I’ve always loved movies. I’ve watched hundreds of them throughout my life, and some have turned into an essential part of me. I don’t exaggerate when I say it’s a passion of mine. Therefore, discussing films is an incredibly joyful experience! In fact, some friends from college and I have a group in an instant messaging platform to talk about them, where we share our opinions on films, trailers, whatever. It all started there.

As I watched more and more films, I wanted to share my views on them more frequently, and with longer pieces of writing, which meant that I sent them long messages that, let’s accept it, no one would read. I don’t blame them! I was living abroad at the moment and had a lot of free time, so I decided to start writing stuff about films for myself. Nothing public, just a text document with whatever that came to my mind. But that wasn’t really practical, so I decided to use my newly opened WordPress account instead to store those opinion pieces.

At first, I shared them with no one, they were meant to be for myself, but upon showing the reviews to friends, they encouraged me to make them public. was born, and it was a really exciting experience. I wrote about whatever I wanted, without caring about films being recent, or good, or anything. It was just for fun! The first review ever published was that of X-Men, which turned to be a rather successful series of reviews on the site. Quite a lot of superhero stuff has followed, mainly because the blog is intended to be a reflection of what I enjoy in films (that doesn’t mean only good films have been reviewed, of course…), and the concept of series hasn’t stopped either.

Before long, I invested a bit on the site, in order to remove advertising completely, have a few more features that I thought would be interesting for the readers, and purchase a domain. The new address was and I’m still in love with that name. It conveys everything the site’s about: a geek sharing thoughts without being a professional thing at all.

There has been some new stuff from time to time, such as the inclusion of games and TV shows, a twitter account dedicated to the blog (follow it at @filmcriticblog), and more, but the most relevant stuff has been that of the last couple of weeks: going to a film festival and watching over a dozen movies in just a few days, and sharing my thoughts on all of them in the form of shorter reviews. It’s been a great experience that I hope I’ll be able to repeat next year.

I’ve never really cared about the views (even if the blog had billions of them, not a single dollar would come out of it), but I do find interesting to analyze what stuff people are curious about. As stated earlier, over 60 posts have been written here, which means it has got a post every week on average (if only I had been more consistent…). Well over 2,000 views have been made by over 1,000 unique visitors, which may sound like it’s not that much, but trust me, it means a lot to me. The Witness’s review has been the most read one of them all, and Zinemaldia’s first entry has been the most successful when it comes to movies.

Three films and three games have received a perfect score of ten out of ten so far: Drive, La La Land and Mommy, and Journey, The Witness and Life is Strange. The top worst film I’ve ever talked about has been Transformers: The Last Knight, which got the only one out of ten ever given (congrats, I guess). The average score given in the blog is of 6.9, which I think is nice because it means I write about films I like more. Fun fact: reading every review in one sitting would take over four hours on average too (not a challenge!).

Finally, I’d like to briefly mention the roadmap My Movie Collection has for the near future. The objective is to continue with a review each week, which I think is a perfectly fine rate. Hopefully, more varied content will be offered during the next few weeks, without compromising what’s still going on: Harry Potter, I haven’t forgotten about you. I’m also eager to further explore the spoiler reviews, a concept I only tried with La La Land, but should come back pretty soon.

I’d like to thank every single one of you before finishing too, as this journey would not have been possible without the support I’ve received all this time. I still can’t believe this is alive after a whole year. Thank you, very very much, from the bottom of my heart.

See you in the movies!


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